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Celebrity Makeup Artist Kimberley Bosso & Airbrush Makeup


Kimberley Bosso could be a model herself with those gorgeous blue eyes, clear skin and dark hair, wow!

Here she is, applying airbrush makeup to Candace Cameron Bure, and below, looking flawless.

Kimberley is an amazing celebrity  makeup artist who works in Hollywood. She wrote a feature about airbrush makeup which I know nothing about. I’d love to try it and see how it works on me! Lets read on and see what Kimberley has to say on the subject….

So many clients will ask me what the difference between airbrush makeup is from traditional makeup. So I decided to write a bit about it so there’s a better understanding.

First there’s a misconception that anyone can airbrush and that it will look perfect regardless of technique. Well, there is a skill to it, and you have to know what you’re doing, so you don’t defeat the purpose and have it end up looking cakey with too many passes. It does take practice, and even still, there are makeup artists out there that still don’t achieve a natural look during the application process. So, do your homework when searching for a professional makeup artist.

There are many benefits to airbrushing makeup. For one, it creates a flawless finish without it appearing that you’re wearing makeup. It’s super light weight on the skin, where some clients will even ask if there’s anything coming out of the gun because it feels like only air is blowing out. It’s such a micro fine mist of makeup that it fills in tiny pores and fine lines creating that flawless finish you see on celebrities.

Another huge benefit is that it has tremendous staying power- up to 12 hours and beyond. So, if a celebrity is at a red carpet event or a bride is getting married, they will feel confident that their makeup will last without worry.

Now don’t be under the impression that all airbrush makeup brands and formulas are not created equal. They are not. Without spewing off on other brands, I will just leave you with this…. My ultimate favorite brand of airbrush makeup is Temptu. There isn’t any other makeup product that is comparable in my opinion. I’ve been using Temptu for as long as I’ve been airbrushing, and find it to be the most beautiful on the skin. I’ve tested other brands for my own knowledge, and was not satisfied.

There are 3 formulas from Temptu…. Dura(alchohol based), Aqua (water based) and the ever so gorgeous S/B (silicone based). S/B produces a luminous dewy finish and gives that famous “red carpet glow” that most my clients want achieved on their skin. Whether it’s a celebrity I’m working with, fashion model, or the everyday woman, airbrush makeup always gets the most raves. It’s simply gorgeous!

I hope you have a bit of a better understanding about airbrush makeup. For further info or booking please visit http://www.kbosso.com

Written by: Guest writer- Celebrity Makeup Artist Kimberley Bosso

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