2010 Hollywood

For every woman who wears stilettos

When you find yourself in downtown Los Angeles after midnight and your very high heeled  boots are so uncomfortable that you kick them off and walk around the Staples Center in your socks, you know you need Footzyrolls.

I didn’t even know these genius things existed under after the night my feet cried out in pain and I spent the weekend coaxing them back into shape.

Footzyrolls are brilliant, they are ballet slippers that roll up neatly and can be kept in your purse. When your feet have had enough of the stilettos you’ve been wearing, and all you wish for is a pair of comfy slippers and a vodka tonic, put these on and your feet will thank you. Every girl who wears heels knows the pain of which I speak. Get your Footzyrolls, stat.

For more information go here.

And FYI, socks + sidewalk + downtown Los Angeles = bad idea.

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